The Joke

After all was said and done There was more to be said, for fun Not to be outdone tonight, or ever again I bought the world’s funniest joke from The Joke Man I found him on line and he takes your credit card He warns you right away that the people who hear your joke […]

Big Casino

I am flying into the wind like a stupefied duck At the Big Casino trying my luck I celebrate my idiocy by taking $200 from the cash machine It is gone in fifteen minutes, I am a mighty Philistine Sucked into every trap set toward the future As if luck were some kind of suture […]


I am tangled in a web of passion It is always there, it has no season I look into the blank black night It is a cold taunting mirror reflecting fright The fright is bound to time that will surely end In the tearing groan of another lost friend I don’t want to think, I […]


I thought I’d seen it all Until I heard a yodel call Coming from a farmers butt While in the barnyard he did strut Yoda-yoda-lady whoooo Out his butt it blew It started low and then ended high It was so beautiful I wanted to cry But he motioned me to put my handkerchief away […]

Karl With a K

Karl with a K Is like Marks with an A A sort of philosophical rodeo Where truth is wrangled as part of the show Hi-digger, Low-digger Whose ideas are plumper and bigger? Like hotdogs rolling on a convenience store grill I can’t imaging how being and time can give you a thrill Maybe it’s the […]

Toilet Brush

There was a two-pronged toilet brush hanging from the rack. I had borrowed it from Mr. Jimmy and he wanted it back. These are the times that vex our souls and hearts. As we stand on the edge of oblivion with many broken parts. Love and war, grease and sand, fleeing monkeys, fat-soaked veins. We […]


I ate too much for breakfast I ate too much for lunch All I want to do is munch, munch, munch Broiled hot dogs Cheddar cheese logs Two-pound cut of steak Five-layer chocolate cake Salmon roe in a zesty pile My food-stained lips cast a smile I want to have a heart attack Maybe I […]