After the wind died and the sky cleared

I couldn’t help feeling weird

My pants were gone and my couch was smoking

The sink was dripping and the floors were croaking

I looked out the living room window expecting to see hell

Instead I saw an nicely dressed yeti waving his hairy hand and wishing me well

He was wearing a custom made suit and black suede shoes

He held up a snifter and offered me some booze

I motioned through the window that I’d be right there

I tripped on the front steps, blacked out, and went nowhere

I woke up in the back of an Uber cab

Pulling on a Pepsi can tab

I’ll never know exactly what happened to me

But there’s so much in life we can never foresee

I have my pants back and the slash on my head is stitched up and healing well

Yeti and I are sharing a room; we hope it’ll work out, but you never can tell

Yeti does the cooking and I keep the place clean

It’s a lovely well-coordinated domestic scene