My GPS betrayed me

It let my car run free

I ended up at my crazy aunt’s trailer

If I got out of the car I’d have to see her

I pulled the wire out of the dash

My GPS laughed and told me I would crash

I threw the GPS out the window

I jammed my car into gear and started to go

I backed out of the driveway with tires smoking

It was time to get going–I wasn’t joking

Right then and there I felt like I was losing my mind

I looked in the rearview mirror and the GPS was following behind

It was hopping along like a frantic kangaroo

It was yelling “You need me, I need you”

I slammed on the brakes and it smashed into the rear of the car

The GPS moaned with its last dying breath “You won’t get far”

I reached in the glove compartment and pulled out a map

I had put an end to the GPS crap

But the map looked like tangled gibberish and a pile of scree

The GPS was right: I needed it and it needed me