Ice Cream

I had some ice cream last night

Its flavor gave me a fright

Chocolate Gasoline Tomato Swirl

When I licked it, it made my tongue curl

But, strangely enough I liked it a lot

Petroleum products can hit the spot

As soon as I finished I wanted more

But I farted loudly and fell to the floor

The owner told me to get out of the way

I rolled over four times–I didn’t know what to say

Somebody finally called 911

This guy showed up with an axe looking like Atilla the Hun

He chopped up the floor like he was having fun

Suddenly I was feeling well

The first thing I did was tell the owner to go to hell

Then I ordered another Chocolate Gasoline Tomato Swirl

I couldn’t wait for my tongue to curl

I couldn’t wait to fall down

This is the most fun I’ve had since I moved to this town