There too many things to think about

Like, who invented sauerkraut?

Why is dust usually gray?

Where is the dividing line between night and day?

Why do I wear underpants?

How come fish don’t dance?

Sure, I could Google the answers to all of my questions

But I was never one to follow suggestions

Instead, I go to the bus station and find a seat

I tell the person sitting next to me they are in for a treat

I pull out my blue bullhorn that I got for Christmas last year:

“Attention please!  Attention please! I have an important question that you need to hear!”

Everybody in the bus station looked my way

“How much does a shopping mall weigh?”

Each started Googling on their wireless phone

I was standing in a bus station full of people all alone

Nobody found the answer to my question that day

Most people said it was a bad question & I should go away

So I tucked away my bullhorn and went home

When I got there I asked: “How big does an e-book have to be before it’s a tome?”