I got up today at 2.00

I couldn’t decide what to do

I had some coffee and Raisin Bran

And a big cling peach from a big tin can

It was Sunday, so the day was slow anyway

I didn’t have to rob another bank or go to church to pray

I just laid on the couch with my gun in my hand

Thinking about how I used to play in a band

The band’s name was Skyrocket

I carry a picture of us in my wallet in my pocket

There were seven of us in the band and we all played the fiddle

We all had big egos and fought all the time over who would stand in the middle

We played psychedelic jigs and sad love ballads

Our gigs were like weird tossed-up salads

Now I’m a robber destined for prison

I don’t know whether I’ve fallen or risen