State of the Union


The State of the Union Speech is on tonight

Trump is telling lie after lie, taking undue credit, and starting a fight

There in the living room, I yell “Go to hell!”

My wife says she can’t see why I can’t wish him well

I throw an ashtray at her head

She throws one of her boots with the hobnail tread

She used to date a biker who gave her the boots

I think she and the loser are still in cahoots

I bring that up and get up from my chair and head out of there

I stomp off to the kitchen to get another quart of my favorite beer

When I get back, Trump’s still quacking on the TV screen

It makes me want to do something really mean

I pull down my pants and stick my butt at the TV

I yell “This one’s in your face directly from me!”

Trump winks and nods his head

For the next four years I’ll be living in dread