My hope is like a toadstool growing on a tree

It looks like what it’s named for, but it’s no good for me

Every time I perch there it breaks off the tree

I fall to the ground and feel good that I’m free

Hoping and coping are for hallucinators

Living in bathtubs and volcano craters

Now, dreaming is a little better than a toadstool

Climb onto that dream bus and don’t be a fool!

The dream bus will take you down life’s trail

Aside from the road’s potholes it’s better than rail

However, if you’re willing to fly

You can pay big bucks and circle in the sky

Looking dow you’ll see the earth below

With every possible emotion lined up row upon row

So, from the vantage point of the dream in the sky

You’ll get a grip on what makes you laugh and what makes you cry