Every time I turn on my phone

I stop feeling lonely and alone

There is so much going on the screen

I keep switching between

E-mail, Messenger, Instgram, and Facebook

I post my photos hoping somebody will take a look

But I get no responses to any picture I’ve taken

That’s when I start to feel alone and forsaken

I have this grudge against the world again

So, I go out in the yard and kick my hen

I feel so cruel I want to cry

Tomorrow, will I have a fresh egg to fry?

We take the chicken to the vet

And there’s one thing he said I’ll never forget

Your hen is going to be all right

That should make your day more bright!

I thanked to Vet and paid the bill.

We headed home, up the hill.

When we got home, I took out the Vet bill and had another look.

I asked my wife if she was looking for something to cook.

She grimaced and looked at me with eyes afire

And told me to beg my chicken’s forgiveness and join the church choir