The onion stood alongside the cheese

It was a sight to please

The onion was Bermuda

The cheese was Gouda

They made an interesting pair

Their fragrances filled the air

Mixing in the breeze, it was a nearly cosmic treat

Together, they smelled like a Subway sandwich devoid of meat

I was wondering by what proportion to divide them out and get something made

Should I slice? Dice? Shave? Juliene? Cube? Chiffonade?

Feeling sickened by my pending knife-related cheese & vegicide, I put the cooking off off until later

I picked up the onion and cheese from the counter and stuck them in the refrigerator

I went onto the Internet to find out what kinds of dishes include onion and cheese

I looked and looked and found a dish that included Dutch gin, sour cream, and peas

Suddenly I heard soft tapping sounds and little voices whispering “sin, sin, sin.”

It was coming from the refrigerator that I had just put the onion and the cheese in

I pulled the refrigerator’s plug and went to stay at my mother’s for the week

Time will tell if they will survive, or, if at the very least they choose not to speak