Today, I went to the mall

My purpose was to walk around, that’s all

wandering  through the mall, I came to Target

What I saw inside, I’ll never forget

There was a weird blond man in the supplement aisle

Standing there in his underwear with a great big smile

He was popping probiotic gummies and humming a show tune

Suddenly he broke out in a loud mellow voice–wow–this guy could croon!

Suddenly music was drifting through the air

played by an ensemble showing great care

I expected the police to show and do their part

This music, I thought, is just the start

Bullhorns started going off at the front of the store

I heard marching feet and more

I started running out of that place!

I shot trough the exit door like I was in a race

Lucky for me. I had been planning on doing something like the blond guy did today

I noticed it hadn’t quite gone his way

I’m going back to the drawing board with what I learned from that jerk

I am grateful for getting to observe him, but now I’ve got more work