I roasted peppers over a fire in my back yard

They were bright red and it wasn’t hard

I was going to dip them in lucite to make a necklace to wear

You see, the harvest ball was coming and I wanted my share

of dancing, and eating, and sweating there

Last year I stepped on a pumpkin and slammed to the ground

Everybody laughed and pushed each other and fooled around

While I lay there with my arm broken

and my head cracked open

Somebody decided to call nine-eleven

That’s when I thought I’d gone to heaven

The paramedic shot me up with morhpine

I felt like I was the star in a love movie scene

I’ve been on opioids since that night

I’m addicted and money is tight

But I’m going to the ball with my necklace on

I’ll be looking for someone in the crowd to con