I saw a rabbit in my yard munching grass

I chased him around like a stupid ass

He ran away in a blaze of speed, trying to flee

I tripped over the garden hose and hurt my knee

I was lying in the yard crying and whiny

When I saw something beside me that was shiny

It was a silver dollar, 100 years old and worn down a bit

I put it in my pocket and crawled across the yard with it

Just then, the rabbit appeared from behind a bush

Sitting there on his little bunny tush

I threw the silver dollar at his head

I wanted that little wise-ass dead

He caught the silver dollar with his left bunny ear

He brought it to me showing no fear

It was all so cute, I made him my pet

When I tuck him in at night, I have no regret

He’s a wonderful Bunny

Sometimes he’s SO funny

Right now I’m trying to teach him to dance

And I’ve bought him a pair of cute little pants