My way is your way

Tomorrow and today

That’s what I said when I gave up my car

It was a tax write-off, but it wouldn’t get me far

The junk yard said my car was worth 35 dollars and change

I thought that was pretty strange

Ten years ago I paid $50,000 for my cherished wheels

Now they’re only worth enough to buy two cheap meals

I don’t think I’ll ever buy a car again:

The tax write off is far from a dividend

You nurture the car and cherish it with premium gas and a regular lube

And then it gets crushed at the junkyard into a metal cube

I decided to stop driving and walk everywhere

It hasn’t worked and I don’t care

I’m going to buy a new car today

No money down and 10 years to pay

Cars are like rivers that flow through your life

Flooding your garage with poisonous fumes and revved up strife