There are so many ways to get from point A to point B

One way is to go past point B to point C

And I keep wondering how many points it takes

And what kind of a difference it makes

Someone always says, “So what’s your point anyway?”

When I hear that I say, “Why don’t you just go away?”

But inevitably, you must have a point to make

Like, how many angels dancing on the head of a pin does it take

To keep the party going?

And then you think, “Whoops, my lawn needs mowing.”

Your feet touch the earth again and you make one last point

You say, “The better the pot, the better the joint.”

On that note you roll up some dope

Then, you pull your mower’s starter rope

Your mower takes off across the yard

Nicks a squirrel and hits your car

You give the squirrel first aid

And survey the mess your lawnmower has made

The squirrel lost a toe and your car has a huge scratch and dent

Now you want to chuck it all, hike around, find Jesus, and live in a tent