The sun comes out and then it goes away

I don’t want to go outside to play

I’m snorting Vitamin D in the morning

While the snow blows and it’s storming

I look out my window and what do I see?

A big fat Snowman shaking his fist at me

It was like he was “The Snowman from Hell That Came to the Yard”

When he came last week it wasn’t that hard

I threw a bucket of hot water in his face

As it melted it looked like he was from outer space

I pushed off his head and it landed with a dull sound

He picked it up and ran across the frozen ground

Today he was wearing a helmet and carrying a hockey stick

I knew it was some kind of trick

I ran straight at him to knock him over

Hit hit me in the head and came at me so I ran for cover

I was scared out of my mind

I prayed for God to send me a sign

A sign saying “Yard Sale” blew across my lawn

Suddenly I felt like I wanted to make friends and move on

I asked the snowman if he liked ice cream

He said yes, and we walked to the Dairy Queen

We sat outside and shared a chocolate Sunday

And made plans to go snowboarding on Monday