There was elephant in the room

Hanging out with circus people, you need a push broom

I had always admired my circus friends

They did their show, packed their bags, and left with no amends

I was in the circus once for about two weeks

It was in the middle of one of my lucky streaks

I had won a New York scratch-off for five-hundred dollars

I wanted to show the pedants and scholars

That investing in the lotto is a real smart move to make

One dollar invested just to see what it will take

But before I could spend my cash, I was shot out of a canon

I injured my leg and went to work for Steve Bannon

I learned how the US is under siege from within

Backed by Swedes, Norwegians, and Fins.

I am so glad I’ve come to work for Steve

He has enabled me to believe

That we shouldn’t believe each other, even though we’re telling the truth

And the worst thing we face from our enemies is proof

I’ve learned to live with each contradiction

But my mind is smoking from all of the friction

Big is not big. Greasy hair is noble

High is not high. But keep watching cable

We say this in the morning when we show up for work

I’ve started carrying a concealed Scottish dirk