Yesterday I was asking “What is a March hare?”

Today I don’t even care

On the shimmering screen that is my mind

Any stable image is nearly impossible to find

Except, sometimes I can remember my previous life

When I had a cow, and a dog, and an adoring wife

Now, the only thing that adores me is the owner of the liquor store

Where I shop for beer nuts, cheap red wine, Mr. Boston vodka, and more

This happens five days a week

And fills me with the solace I seek

Chewing the beer nuts makes my jaws strong

And mixing wine and vodka, you can’t go wrong

My current wife who hates me

Keeps telling me to drink hot tea

Just to shut her up, I give it a try

With a slice of homemade nettle pie

Then, I go into the living room and start to drink

I’m looking forward to not being able to think

Then, my adoring wife appears in my head

“It’s all in your brain,” she said

“If you’re all in my brain, how can you talk to me?”

She said, “Because you’re a drunken idiot. Have some hot tea.”

The one who hates and the one who adores

Both prescribe hot tea to settle my scores

“What does it mean?” I burp from my back

“Between love and hate there’s a puzzling pact.”