The snow was melting

The rain was pelting

Once again it filled the ditch around my house

I was glad I didn’t have to see another drowning mouse

But there she was, whiskers barely above the surface

Trying furiously to swim someplace

She was wearing a little hat that was shiny and black

Suddenly she rolled over and began to swim on her back

She looked like a little paddlewheel zooming through the water

Until the neighbor’s cat Matilda got her

I ran outside and hit the cat with a frying pan

The little mouse broke free and away she ran

The sun is shining now and some flowers are out

But Matilda the cat is still knocked out

I go outside like I do every day

And sprinkle catnip on Matilda, then I pray:

Oh Matilda, you were only following your nature on that fateful day

May you suck up some catnip and go and play

Suddenly Matilda sprang back into being

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing

She shook off the maggots and walked away

This was TRULY an amazing day