Able-bodied big hard body

Wearing canvas trainers; very shoddy

Sweat pants from Salvation Army

I think he’s wearing them just for me

But inside my brain I cannot see a thing

Although I hear beanstalks and begonias beginning to sing

But they’re singing to the carpet stretched across my floor

Through the dust and blood they have taken the ‘mind-floor’ tour

Suddenly they turn into dipsticks dripping with perfumed salad dressing

The begonias and beanstalks are gone and I’m stressing

And I can feel the dipsticks pushing inside my head

I think I’ll go to bed

Now, the wall has grown a face as I roll over to go to sleep

I close my eyes and try to forget the creep

Who gave me bad advice concerning sheep

And now I have completely lost my peace of mind

It’s so baaad, so funny, so unkind