I looked out in my yard and there were birds everywhere

They are all equally ugly and I don’t care

I have nine cats that I turn loose every morning before ten

They stalk the birds again and again

They go after a bird

And the bird flies away

Circles around, craps on their head and comes back to play

It’s a game for the birds flying everywhere

Catching them is a job for the cats, but the birds don’t care

Finally, the cats caught a bird one day!

They tied it to a tree so it could not get away

One cat took charge of doing the bird in

With long sharp claws and a demented grin

The bird was wearing a little hat made of silver-sequined cloth

He shook his head and the hat fell off

The cat couldn’t resist swatting the shiny hat on the ground

The bird wriggled free, flew off and never was found

If the cats had tied a better knot that day

There’s no way the bird would’ve gotten away

But you’ve got to give the bird some credit for the hat

It was like throwing a buzzing insect at a flying bat