Time Will Tell

I always say “Time will tell”

But it means things won’t turn out well

I eat a piece of cheese from off the floor

“Time will tell,” need I say more?

I see little red and green balls rolling across the floor

Doing figure eights and rolling out the door

I get the fly swatter down from the hook

I’m going to whack-a-ball and have a better look

I swing the fly swatter as hard as I’m able

I knock over the vase of tulips sitting on the table

A little man in a bright-blue hardhat pops out of the rug

He’s holding a red toothpick, I give it a tug

He hurls the toothpick like a warrior’s spear

Then hoists up a tiny mug of beer

I had the toothpick stuck in my cheek

For a miserable painful week

Time will tell

If all is well