There’s never enough time in the day It does not matter if it’s work or play The digital clock spins toward the future The past is held to the present by a flimsy suture I’ve lost so many memories as I’ve gone through life It’s like they’ve been cut away by some kind of knife […]


I felt a strong vibration in my chair It made me uncomfortable, but I didn’t care I agreed to be an experimental subject They were paying me $5.00; but the situation was not exactly perfect You see, I was unemployed and selling my blood And the bloodletting plan went thud My last lab test said […]


  I saw a rabbit in my yard munching grass I chased him around like a stupid ass He ran away in a blaze of speed, trying to flee I tripped over the garden hose and hurt my knee I was lying in the yard crying and whiny When I¬†saw something beside me that was […]


  There’s only one way to be happy: Forget about happy and get snappy Become like a rubber band Twang your hope with your right or left hand Soon you will be walking on air You will forget how to care Eventually your rubber band will break Then it will be time to become a […]


I was looking out the window at a giant snow pile I was seething with rage all the while I put on my goose down suit and sauntered into the yard The snow was so deep it made walking real hard I was wheezing and panting like my dog Crutch I looked at the sky […]


  I roasted peppers over a fire in my back yard They were bright red and it wasn’t hard I was going to dip them in lucite to make a necklace to wear You see, the harvest ball was coming and I wanted my share of dancing, and eating, and sweating there Last year I […]


  There is an ion in my pocket and I don’t care I don’t even know how it got there I know there’s something wrong with it’s electron But what the hell, it’s not like it needs to be egged on These things are simply a part of natural order Like my toothbrush, my car […]